Your Guide to Golf Courses in Palm Springs California!

The desert oasis of Palm Springs is bursting with golf courses! Palm Springs, California, USA may be located in the desert of California, but this does not stop it from being one of the country’s top golfing destinations. Year-round warm weather, a resort-like atmosphere, fantastic scenery, and an abundance of other attractions keep visitors from all over the world coming back for more.

Public, Private, Short and Long Golf Courses

Public, private, short and long; there are golf courses in Palm Springs to suit all levels of golfers, and all budgets. In all you’ll find over 100 different golf courses within the city and its surrounds, making this a real golfer’s paradise. In fact, Palm Springs has more golf courses than any other region in California, so as well as attracting golfers from around the world, it attracts many from other parts of the state and the country too. And, you don’t have to be a member of an exclusive private club to enjoy playing a great round of golf in Palm Springs.

There are many excellent public golf courses, such as Escena Golf Club which was designed by Nicklaus Design. The surroundings are spectacular with the San Jacinto Mountains and the beautiful clear, blue skies. Lush greens are filled with palm trees, and the 7173 yard course is perfect for skilled golfers with its par 72 rating.

Indian Canyons is another public golf club in Palm Springs. This one actually has two golf courses, North and South that offer a very different golfing experience. On the South Course you’ll find an 18-hole Championship course where there are four large lakes, and similar scenery to Escena Golf Club. The North Course wends its way through the city’s Canyon region and features the historic Walt Disney fountain.

Why is Golfing so Popular in Palm Springs?

It seems funny to have so many golf courses in a desert environment. We think of deserts as being barren and life-like places while golf courses are lush and green. Well, in Palm Springs you get both – the desert environment is definitely still there and the golf courses certainly are lush and green!
  It’s the weather and the scenery that makes golfing in Palm Springs so pleasurable. Admittedly you’d have to like hot weather if you want to enjoy a round of golf in Palm Springs during the summer. The average high from June to September teeters around the 39C to 42C range. You’ll find the courses are more popular the rest of the year when temperatures are not quite so high – in January for example it’s a very comfortable 21.6C.