Top 5 Things to Experience in Toronto

One of the best thing about being a writer or entrepreneur is that you get a lot of chances to travel. In the end, it is all about experiences that remain longer in your mind. There is always something that you do for the first time, fist traveling abroad, the first experience of Airport limo and the first time in Toronto. Don’t worry if you’re traveling to Toronto for the first time. This city is welcoming and has everything that a person expects on his trip. If you look closely, life is happening at every moment. Engagements with strangers, people smiling at each other on the streets, laughter in cafes and historical buildings telling the tale from past. It is always in our surrounding happening and waving towards us to notice.

The only problem is that we are busy living the life of our minds. Mind pass each instruction and tell us to focus on something that might be important. We start looking in that direction. If you’re looking for some refreshing experiences, just drop them through in your mind for a moment. Live the present moment and celebrate the seconds without and worry.

Amazing Experiences in Toronto

You’re in Toronto and this is one place that never disappoints. No matter, how many times you visit, it will always feel like the first time. There are some things to do that will always remain in your mind as fresh memory.

1. Sugar Beach Toronto

Vacations without beach are quite questionable. Even if you’re on a business tour, you never miss your chance to visit the beach. Sugar beach is one of the beaches that offer you a mind-blowing way to relax and let life happen at the moment. You can shut down your thoughts for a while and enjoy the sunbathing with margaritas or join a group to participate in water sports.

2. Distillery District

This corner of Toronto was neglected in the past few years but now it is one of the must visit places of the city. This district is presenting the industrial side of the city. It has art galleries, theatres, shops and a lot more to admire. This district is home to art and the way it is blending modern art and history is eye-catching for tourists.

3. Kensington Market & Graffiti Alley

Kensington market is the place to enjoy the diversity of culture in Toronto. This place will pass the vibes of a traditional walk. The ordinary experience of this ordinary markets makes your small moment most extraordinary. Let the life flow at this very moment and make it the best memory to take away. Restaurants, cafes, interact with strangers and listen to their story of life. Shop and don’t forget to visit Graffiti Alley. Each piece of art in the gallery is presenting the beauty of Canada.  

4. Toronto Island

The ferry ride from downtown Toronto and here you are in the Toronto Island located at the lake of Ontario. This Island is actually a group of 15 small islands. You can walk around these Island. Spend a playful time with your kids and adore the beauty of this little town.

5. Casa Loma

The castle was built by Sir Henry Pellatt. Its glorious gardens, art gallery, and secret pathways show the romantic tales of the time. The glorious gardens are breathtaking and it shows the hard work of the maintenance team.

However, this is the list of places that seem ordinary. Nothing unusual but best to experience life. We live half of our moments in fantasy whereas, life is always there standing by the side opening its arms inviting us to celebrate a very ordinary moment. Don’t let these simple memories just pass by you. Live those like you never had a life before.

What are you thinking about now?

It is time to leave for your next vacations in Toronto. Start planning your trip from booking airport limo and enjoy the city of Toronto at its best. If you’re a little more curious about other places, there is a CN tower to explore. You can wander around on your own or book a guide to take you through the city with ease and convenience. The best option is to explore it on your own as you never know what life has planned next for you. Conquer the fear of the unknown and let life flow in its own pattern.