Things To Do At Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur

Fateh Sagar Lake is a lovely and pleasant destination in Udaipur near Lake Pichola. Udaipur, the “City of Lakes” is the best-known place for a number of lakes and one of them is the Lake Fateh Sagar. It is the best tourist destination in Udaipur to experience the pleasant and calm attractions.

So opt some time to explore the attractions of Fateh Sagar Lake when you visit Udaipur Rajasthan, Here are the things to do and experience at Lake Fateh Sagar when you visit. But its sure you will enjoy a splendid holiday memory at Lake Fateh Sagar. Enjoy Top 5 Must Visit Forts in Rajasthan.

About Lake Fateh Sagar:

Fateh Sagar Lake is an artificial lake built by Maharaja Jai Singh during the 1680s but after 200 years it was destroyed due to the floods. Later it was reconstructed by Maharana Fateh Singh in the year 1888 by extending the lake and also constructed a dam on the lake. And this dam was named as Connaught Dam to honor the Duke of Connaught who laid the first stone for the reconstruction of the lake. Finally, the lake was named as Fateh Sagar after the king name.

Things to do at the lake:

The lake comprises three islands with beautiful attractions and they seem to be very attractive with surrounding Aravali hills and lush greenery. At these three islands, many interesting things will attract tourists to enjoy a lot.

Nehru Park:

The first island on Fateh Sagar lake is Nehru Park. It is the best-known tourist attraction at this lake. This park is very famous for its lush greenery gardens and attractions to enjoy. The best things to do in this park are visiting the mini-zoo and a boat-shaped restaurant.

In the Zoo, you can see different types of animals and migratory birds. Overall, small ponds and greenery gardens in the park creates a peaceful environment to get relax and to get out of city life.

Second Island:

The second island on the lake Fateh Sagar comprises a beautiful public park and this park is very famous for its water jet fountains. And a number of tourists visit this park to get refresh from hustle and bustle lifestyle. Lush greenery gardens and tranquil environment attracts tourist to rest here for some time.

Udaipur Solar Observatory:

Boating on the lake:

Whenever you visit Udaipur, the first thing to do is boating. At Fateh Sagar lake also boating will available to cover the three islands on the lake. Through boating, you can travel to near Pichola lake and surrounding attractions also. So never miss trying boating on Fateh Sagar lake.

The third island is known for Udaipur Solar Observatory. It is one of the best things to do at Fateh Sagar lake to get educated about the solar system. And also this solar observatory was ranked as the best one in Asia. Mainly, tourists will visit this place to capture scenic views of sunset and sunrise. At Fateh Sagar, Udaipur Solar Observatory is the best place to experience some iconic wonders.

These are the listed things to do at Fateh Sagar lake udaipur to make your India tour & holidays memorable with your loved ones. So for the best experience, try to visit the lake between March and September this time period is best for visit and enjoy the beauty of this lake.