Looking to Sell Your Used Car? Here are the Most Important Tips

You should be thankful to the Internet as there is an extensive amount of opportunities to Sell car to dealer without trade in uae as compared to ever before. No matter which method you go for, you are frequently pitting a price against convenience. Making a long story short, the faster you need your car sold, the less money you’ll most likely be getting. On the contrary, if you don’t have any issue about time or convenience, you can indeed get the best price for your car. Again, no matter which method you go for, you need to do several things to bring your ride into a hot sale condition.

Get a Perfect Look of Your Car

Spend a little time and clean your car from inside and out and keep it clean till the time you are trying to sell it to anyone. You can find so many guidelines on the Internet how to clean your car. And if you are running short on time or disposition to do the dirty work yourself. How about engaging a mobile car detailer so that you can clean your car on the inside and out with ease? Be noted, a presentation is quite important as it will help you get a few bucks extra for your car.

Consider Advertisement

Yeah, it’s quite important! Getting anything advertised online nowadays is really cheap and easy – but you have to be extra careful. Never ever put your phone number on an ad because chances are you will get all manner of prank calls. That will ultimately force you to take down the ad and leave the car online only. No matter which platform you choose, be careful about the details you put in your ad. Again, don’t put your phone number as well as your home address.

Be Ready for Bargain

Obviously, you should get yourself to be ready for a bargain. Before putting an ad on any platform for sale, make sure you have worked at the cheapest price you are expecting. Getting your car to be sold has a latent to become the most solid bargaining of your whole life – so you should be prepared for that.

Up and down on price with a buyer but make sure you are stick to the price you wouldn’t go past. And once you have reached it, let a buyer know your dead final price and buyer can own it or leave it. Hey! Look, it’s your car – therefore, don’t accept less amount that its worth.

Gather Documents

Now, collect all the documents of your car such as log book and service records and ready for a buyer to inspect. If you are going to sell your car with driving lights, a bulbar or just spent hundreds of dollars on new tires, make sure you include all your receipts.

Arrange a Meeting

Hey! Don’t ever let buyers know your home address. Just for safety, it recommended that always meet potential buyers somewhere alongside your used car, perhaps it will sound suspicious, but no one can be extra careful all the time, right? And if you are specifically nervous, bring a friend or family member along with you.

Test Drive

Don’t hand over your car’s keys to any potential buyer and make sure you see his/her driving license before letting them get behind the wheel of your car. It’s also mandatory that, never ever let potential buyer drive it without you in the car. It’s too important to check with your insurance company to see if that potential buyer is 100% covered in an event you have an accident during a test drive.


You need to be realistic if you want to Sell Your Used Vehicle. Don’t be in a hurry and do some research on car sales websites to measure the market. Be mindful, an expensive car will definitely put potential buyers off. And if your price is above the market, make sure you explain why. List any extras your car is loaded with to ensure it’s not overlooked by potential buyers.


If everything is done and a buyer has committed that he/she is going to buy your car, provide them with a receipt stating that the car has now been sold. And wait! Don’t forget to get a signed copy from the buyer for yourself for staying away from any kind of problem in the future.

And here is where the story comes to an end. Let us finish this off by saying, don’t hand over the keys of your car until you been paid in full as most of the times, (if there are installments of the amount) buyers after paying second or third installment, would want to take possession. And if you are being paid by cheque, wait for the clearance.