Let Your Infant Enjoy Their First Air Travel!

Air travel has become very common these days as it is safer,more comfortable, and quicker and no longer that costly thanks too many airline deals that are available all across. While for adults, air travel is very convenient, for toddlers it can be a little uncomfortable. This is especially the case when the flight is of a longer duration. During such longer flights cabin pressure varies and the toddler has to remain seated in a closed area fora very long time which makes him uncomfortable.

If you are air traveling with infants it’s always better to make some prior preparations. Here is a checklist that can help you prepare for the air travel so as to make it more fun and convenient.

Here’s a general list of necessities that you need to check along with your flight status:

  • Diapers and wipes – Apart from your usual requirement, always make sure to carry some extras in case of a delay in flight.
  • Two or three receiving blankets
  • Change of clothes for your baby
  • Nursing pads and shields if you’re breastfeeding or formula and bottles if you bottle-feed
  • Comfort toys – These are always helpful to divert your baby’s attention in case they feel some discomfort.
  • Baby carrier
  • Baby-friendly snacks if required
  • A couple of Ziploc bags for storing snacks and keeping soiled clothes separately.

Apart from this checklist there are certain other things that one should keep in mind while flying with an infant. Such as:

  • Take care of the surroundings:
    Parents are used to the crying and fuss that the child creates but remember that this crying disturbs other passengers on the plane. Make sure that you have enough diversions for the child when you are travel by air with an infant.
  • Varying cabin pressure:
    The most uncomfortable part of flying in an airplane, for an infant can be the changing cabin pressure at different altitudes. To make the child comfortable encourage the baby to suck on a bottle or pacifier during takeoff and landing. A mild drug may also be prescribed by doctor to keep the baby asleep for some time. It is helpful during takeoff and landings as the baby will stay calm during rapid pressure changes.
  • Safety for the child:
    It is better and safe if a baby seat is carried. Like in cheap airlines, and even in the posh ones, parents are asked to seat the infant on their laps, however if there is an open seat the baby seat can be strapped in.
  • Travel light:
    Especially in terms of cabin luggage, travel light, as excessive luggage along with a baby can be troublesome.
  • Look for helpful signs:
    In many airports, there are separate counters for boarding for families with kids or separate queues for new mothers and infants. Baby seats or ear plugs are also provided at times even in the cheaper airlines. It’s always better to contact the airlines beforehand for such provisions to make sure your infant is comfortable all through the air travel.