Let some Fascinating Books Accompany you to your Vacation!

Those who admire traveling unlike anything else and can go beyond anything to have a mesmerizing trip, are surely the people with the liveliest hearts and souls! If you’re too one of them, you’d definitely know that charm of an unknown place where you can just confide peacefully without anything bothering you. With all this serenity, how fascinating it would be if you’d have a bunch of some mind-blowing books that you can dive in while sitting in your hotel room sipping your coffee. There lies a big chance of you not knowing about those perfect books that you should carry with yourself. To ease it off for you, we’ve got you covered with a list of some fantastic books to take along. Before setting off to the walk by that jotting, have your other travel essentials looked after as well. To look after your accommodation needs, hotels.com will let you book the comfiest rooms at massive knock offs just by latching onto the hotels.com discount code 15%. Let’s get back to the fine stash of books racked up for you!

In a Sunburned Country – Bill Bryson

Besides traveling in real, if you enjoy ‘reading’ travel as well, there cannot be a better book for you than this. The jaw-dropping enthrallment in the pages of it takes you to wonderful Australia. The writer and traveler, Bill Bryson, drifts through this beautiful country and explores its deserts, wildlife, coastlines and so much more leaving you wanting for more.

Heart Berries – Terese Marie

You always find a different kind of passion and awesomeness when something or someone is new and fresh. This book, Heart Berries, is also a debut book. Terese Marie, here, talks about her troubled childhood, motherhood and how she dealt with her mental health. If you like reading about someone’s personal experiences, you should undoubtedly give this one a chance to entice you.

The Cabin at the End of the World – Paul Tremblay

Not everyone likes reading about a couple making love or someone battling hardships. There also are those who like it a bit monstrous, chilling and frightening! This outstanding book is for all those who fall into this category. It makes you get hooked to its words where you just feel like the demon is right behind you, under your bed or maybe behind those chiffon curtains. 

The Kiss Quotient – Helen Hoang

Have you ever heard of someone who gets tutored for love? Obviously not! But this unbelievable book by Helen Hoang will take you through a story where a thirty-year-old woman doesn’t know how the act of love is done. This is when she hires an escort to teach her about everything from scratch. She practices it and makes her way to being the best at it. This definitely is a hilarious ride through her experiences while she learns about love, sex, and relationships. You’ll laugh and go crazy at your next tour with this one!

Idyllic Destination for the Spring Travelers

The spring season is about to knock the doors. Are you ready to welcome it with open arms? If not! Then pull your socks off as it is the perfect time to satisfy your urge of traveling. A number of stunning destinations are at their best during the spring. Transforming the greyish landscapes into vibrant and colorful mirages. It’s an ideal time to unwind the hidden gems of the world. Whether you want to explore the hidden surprises that await for you in the wildest forests or willing to sail through the bluest oceans. Whatever you’ve been dreaming of, start packing your rucksacks because a fantastic portal called Melia has got your back. This is where your travel accommodation needs are taken good care of. For them hospitality is more than a business, it’s something that comes from the heart. Holding an amazing assortment of hotels at the furthest reaches of the planet, this is the place for you! Here are some places mentioned below where this incredible chain of hotels rests upon and at the same time where the spring travelers might be the happiest.


Malaysia is the true essence of Asia surrounded with a wealth of unique culinary, breathtaking mountain scenery, idyllic beaches and historic sights. Melia owns one hotel in Malaysia located in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur. Having luxurious rooms with stunning city views, a fabulous outdoor swimming pool, 24 hour gym facility, restaurants specializes in international cuisine and free Wi-Fi internet. Plan your trip to Malaysia and discover yourself this fascinating place in a price you never even thought possible through Melia discount codes.


Thailand is a country full of treasures. It’s out of the world natural beauty, exotic beaches of fine white sand and crystal clear sea, ancient traditions, lively street markets, and the friendliest locals will make you feel right at home. Melia has one of its stunning resort in this country of dreams too. With luxurious facilities and a relaxing atmosphere, here you’ll be amazed at what this exceptional hotel has to offer.


Vietnam a place that combines striking traditions, beautiful landscapes, next level of relaxation, high doses of adventure and mysterious ancestral temples. This is the ultimate location for all the spring travelers out there. Visit this amazing state filled with deep spirituality and charm without dreading of those high accommodation expenses as Melia’s hotels are located very close to the tourist’s spots. All you got to is unlock Melia code from Top Vouchers Code to book your room at dropped off rates.


There are a wealth of attractions in China to explore. From the beautiful historic cities to traditional shops, markets and high-end stores and tranquil landscapes that give life to this huge country full of experiences. With a great range of hotels designed to accommodate every type of traveler, Melia is just for you! Lavish rooms and suites, superb restaurants, cafes and bars, spectacular spas and much more is at your service. Fetch Melia hotels to make your booking without slashing off your hard-earned savings.


Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written largely in his works.