Bask In The Beauty That Is Trogir

Trogir is an archaic town in Croatia located on an island that can be accessed by bridges from the mainland. The tiny town is an attractive historical masterpiece that is packed with scenic views and charm of the medieval period characterized by a mixture of the Greek, Roman and Venetian architecture. The historic harbor town boosts of a mixture of modernity and archaic architectures that blend perfectly with the clear sandy beaches, blue waters and the attractive warm weathers to create world heritage site that brings out the best of historical civilizations.

The magical beauty of Trogir comes to life especially during the summer nights when huge crowds of tourists and the locals gravitating towards the seaside and the rest of the own interact in the magical town. When observed during the tourist season, Trogir’s’ wide seaside comes to life from the bars, cafes and yachts where thousands of people engage in fun and relaxing activities. To add to the allure of the City of Trogir, the old-fashioned streetlights create an ambiance that brings out the attractiveness of the maze-like marble streets which is breathtaking during the night.

The town of Trogir retains numerous buildings from the Renaissance and the Romanesque eras built between the 13th and 15th century which takes one back into a forgotten era in history. Compared to the big city, the old attractive architectural landmarks like the St. Lawrence Cathedral immerses you into history and offers an experience of the life time. The old town and Fort Kamerlengo offers a unique perspective into historical architecture which improves the aesthetic beauty of the city.

Tourists are welcome to tour the numerous towers, churches, towers and fortress whose beautification and fortifications symbolize the Gothic Roman creativity and innovation. The mixture of architectural designs spanning centuries create a unique historical perspective
that is necessary for the authenticity of the town. With unique land marks like St. Sebastian’s Church which is decorated by sculptures by greatest artist like Niccolo Di Giovanni Fiorentino, there is never a dull moment in Trogir which makes the town of Trogir a worthy tourist site.

During the sail week of Croatia, Trogir’s clear blue ocean waters become the biggest attraction of the event. With thousands of visitors looking to party, explore, relax and enjoy the sail week in Croatia, day and night raft parties light up the beaches of Trogir. The yachts full of crew and tourist offering sailing services and exquisite Greek cuisine bring color to the island. The party and fun never ends on the island where one gets to interact with and experience diverse cultures from the island and outside.

In the town, Tourists are treated to the historical Hellenistic Tragurion City Walls in the Garagnin-Fanfogna Palace where there exists a one of a kind 18th century room preserved in its original state and a collection of archaic wall paintings of 17th century writers and philosophers. In the museum of sacred art, tourists are treated to a rare delight of painting considered sacred in the 14th century including masterpieces by Paolo Veneziano,Gentile Belline and other artists of the early periods whose works are a sight to behold.