An unrepetibile experience: Sicily tour

Sicily tours gives unique sensations among landascape with no comaparison. Sailand discover this marvelous Island, it will surprise you!

A tour in Sicily will let you discover incredible places, where nature, history, art and good food will overwhelm you. You will be welcomed by local people, you will taste the local food and you will enjoy the blue of the sea and the colors of nature. For these and other reasons a Sicily tour will be an experience you will cherish for a long time.

Sicily what to see: history and nature in eastern Sicily

Eastern Sicily is right place for you whether you prefer cultural activities or you want to relax and get away from the routine with a nature tour.

Starting from the northernmost point of the island, the city of Messina will welcome you in its historical harbor, where a votive tower to the Virgin Mary, one of the symbols of the city, stands. Messina, one of the most ancient Greek colonies in Sicily, lost almost its whole heritage after the terrible earthquake of 1908. Today, the Catalans Church is the only one that survived to the earthquake, and for this reason it is considered a treasure of the city and a perfect synthesis of several architectural styles. If you are wondering about in Messina what to see, one of the most attractive place is the cathedral square and its bell tower. Renovated in 1933, the bell tower presents on the right side the biggest astronomical clock in the world, and on the front a mechanical system, which every day at 12 sets in motion its automatons, representing the history and the religious tradition of the city, gathering visitors and curious. Away from the historic center, to the northernmost point of the city, you will reach the Lakes of Faro and Ganzirri and the Peloro Cape, where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Calabrian coast, only 3 km away.

Among the most known cultural destinations there is Taormina, also called “the Pearl of the Mediterranean”. The ancient Tauro-menion is the perfect place to enjoy the shopping in the exclusive boutiques of the Corso Umberto, or to have a look in the artisanal shops selling local pottery. You can also visit historical buildings and churches, and especially the Greek-Roman Theatre, which offers stunning views on the Ionian Coast and on Mount Etna; to fully appreciate it, we suggest you to visit the site by day, but also to attend one of the several shows taking place in summer nights.

A naturalistic destination attracting and seducing thousands of visitors, is the highest active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna. An Etna visit will let you live a unique experience and do things which is unlikely you would do anywhere else, such as walking through the ancient lava flows, walk on the edge of an extinct crater, or exploring the Bove Valley.

A less known naturalistic destination, but still as charming as Etna, is the Argimusco Rocks site, within the province of Messina. This wide highland it is a mysterious place which fascinates its visitors for its strange-shaped huge rocks and offers amazing views on the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily and on Mount Enta. It seems that this place was used in the past for ritual purposes and as an astronomical observatory. The near medieval village of MontalbanoElicona and its Castle also are worth visiting.

The city of Syracuse is one of the most ancient and interesting one of Sicily. To the Neapolis Archaeological Park you will discover the biggest Greek theatre in Sicily and the Ear of Dionysus, only to name a few. Inside Ortygia island, historic center of Syracuse, a pleasant walk through its streets will lead you to the main attractions, namely the Cathedral, Saint Lucy Church, storing inside a famous Caravaggio “Seppellimento di Santa Lucia”, the Fountain of Arethusa, and the Maniace Castle.

How to live Sicily tours without comparison

If you are wondering about having one of the Sicily tours, we suggest you to project an itinerary including both cultural and natural destinations, in order not to miss any aspect of this amazing land.

However, you cannot say you have really been to Sicily without having tasted the flavour of the local food each city has to offer. Among the “must-to-taste” typical product, there are the cannolo, the granita with brioche, the almond pastries, the pistachios and the pignolata, only to mention a few. All over Sicily you can find these and many others treats, each of them with some variations, from the name to their preparation. For instance, sometime Sicilians have fun discussing the real name of arancino, named “arancina” in the western part of Sicily. Despite the contradictions and the differences around the island and in each of its city, these are all the expression of a unique and wonderful culture: the Sicilian one.