7 Most Unusual Places to Stay in India

An enthusiast traveler is one who always wants to make the most out of his/her trip. To accomplish this purpose, he makes efforts to find out mysterious, extraordinary or unusual places to visit. Doing experimentation with options of accommodation makes one’s experience of traveling more enthralling and fascinating.

When it comes to finding out accommodation options in India, you see a considerable number of options to opt. From a riverboat on the rivers to a castle in the dunes, India is surrounded with some of the most unusual yet enticing places. Are you in Agra India and looking for affordable stay check : best rest place to stay in Agra India

Want to know about them? We’ve come up with seven of the places that are unusual and captivating at once where you could stay during your trip to India. Let’s get to know them below:   

Golden Temple in Amritsar

Amritsar is a city with a spiritual glow and has to offer you delicious food as well as countless options for accommodation. The whole city is worth-exploring indeed.

However, Golden temple has its unique charm that can easily captivate you to stay there. The holy shrine of Sikhs attracts both the local and international tourists there. This sacred place offers shelter to everybody regardless of their color, creed or caste.

More interestingly, the number of people who visit this temple on an annual basis is similar to that of those attending the Taj Mahal in Agra. You will find seven inns in it that the authorities maintain. On top of that, staying there will not burn a hole in your pocket.

   Zostel in Udaipur

Catering to the travelers of this century, Zostel is India’s first ever chain of the hostel of backpackers.

Not only it comfortably accommodates the visitors but offers an enchanting lake view as well. Moreover, you can enjoy riding a boat in the lake there in the evening. Over and above that, it’s incredibly inexpensive to stay at such a cozy place. 

Vedanta Wake Up in Kerala

Vedanta, being a leading Indian chain of luxurious hotels for backpackers, intends to offer excellent touring experience and that too at affordable price. What sets them apart is their emphasis on the organization of the daily activities to provide their guests an experience to remember. Such events are inclusive of sightseeing, karaokes, as well as a local bar crawl. Isn’t it something to go for?

Currently, there are six hotels of Vedanta across Kerala at Thekkady, Kovalam, Varkala, Kanyakumari, Fort Kochi as well as Alleppey. It will only cost you INR 350 to book your room there. Isn’t it extremely light on your pocket? When in India – Which Are the Most Amazing Places to Visit

International Travelers Hostel in Varanasi

Did you know that Varanasi is the world’s oldest city? Well, this is something astonishing. What’s more surprising is that Varanasi has to offer a lot to seasoned tourists. 

One of the highly fascinating places to visit in Varanasi is International Traveler’s Hostel. The Queen of Nepal used to stay in this hostel as her summer house.

You can stay in basic tents or book luxury rooms, and it all depends on your own choice. What you get by visiting there is a refreshing garden, a lounge, board, and card games as well as the sun terrace. Also, you can get free access to the internet there. Moreover, there is an a la carte menu of breakfast, and the travelers can have the very famous Indian Masala Chai there also.  

Isn’t all this what you need for a relaxing and comforting stay?

As a bonus, the rates of accommodation are meager.

Tantra Beach Shacks and Huts in Goa

Goa is a well-known city for beaches where one can listen to music that the waves create. Who wouldn’t like to stay on one of the beach’s shacks? if you are goa you must visit Dudhsagar Waterfalls in Goa

The Anjuna beach offers the Tantra beach shacks where one can stay in tree houses at very cheap rates.

What’s more, you will see colorful fabrics, statues, tantric décor as well as arts there. More interestingly, it’s amongst the beach’s greenest area, thus, enough to refresh you physically and mentally as well.  

How beautiful it is to get an uninterrupted sight of sea right from your tree house! 

Without a doubt, it’s a not-to-miss place for every traveler.

Dormitory Style Dhaba Tents in Leh-Manali Highway

You will get beds, some chairs, and tables as well as a kitchen inside these rough-and-ready tents. Isn’t it something very unusual and a must-visit place?

Adding to it, these makeshifts tents on the Manali highway offer finger-licking food that is home-like as well. Moreover, you will get all this without even hurting your wallet. This is what makes visiting this place pocket-friendly for all the travelers out there.

Lastly, travel slowly when going towards this region. Best Time to Visit Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)

Guhantara Cave Resort in Bangalore

How about staying at a cave resort this time when you are going to explore India? It sounds very fantastic and can make your traveling experience an unforgettable one. 

To serve this purpose, you can visit Guhantara where there is the first cave resort of India.

Captivatingly, this resort is located beneath the earth’s surface offering its visitors a profoundly tranquil and cozy place to take rest. 

More interestingly, you can get a feeling of a caveman when residing in this underground resort. 

So, don’t forget to add this place on your list when heading towards exploring India next time.  From fantastic architecture to rich history to mouth-watering food, India is a country to must-explore.  For that reason, you should visit all these places to make your tour to India an extraordinarily remarkable and even more enjoyable one.

The best part about visiting all these unusual places is that they are not going to smash your bank account. So, go for it.

Author Bio: The guest post is written by Jessica Watson, who has been writing for travel websites and blogs from last 4 years. Currently, she works with Regal Cars Reading in Reading, United Kingdom.