5 Reasons Why Croatia Is The Ultimate Sailing Destination

There are many divine sailing destinations around the world affording options that are just as vast as the water bodies that take up the majority of the earth’s composition. Italy and Greece remain the most popular in this regard but in recent years a charming Balkan nation is giving the big boys a run for their money strongly shoving its way into the pick of the bunch. The country in question is Croatia and consequently here is a list of five reasons why it is a sailing hot ticket.

1) Many, many islands to experience
There are over 1,200 islands in the offshores most of which provide a recurring theme of secluded vegetation, lovely sun-soaked beaches, and plenty of isolated bays and underwater gems. For unparalleled Balkan beauty, take up a yacht charter Croatia and head on over to the untamed Pakleni archipelago while for peaceful serene gateways filled with adventure, sail your way to the winsome landmasses of Mljet and Brac. Island hopping is a major part of any sailing itinerary and this country ensures you’ll never ever run out of new places to see.

2) Weather conditions excellent for sailing
Sailing in the Adriatic is a simpler challenge compared to most as favorable winds such as the jugo, maestral and bura provide optimum yet fun conditions that won’t give you a torrid time with the sails. Moreover, the coastline receives plenty of sunshine around the year totaling up to 2600 hours which sees it take the title of the sunniest in all of Europe averaging endearing summer temperatures in the region of 25 C. Even in winter, battering storms and relentless downpours are unheard off with temperatures and the elements in general very forgiving compared to prevailing conditions around the continent during the cold season.

3) World class marinas
Croatia’s nautical superiority is a reflection of the overall sailing quality with the country taking up two-fifths of the world’s fleet charter. Most of the marinas are well maintained and equipped with the latest gear and social amenities, amassing various accolades with regards to excellence in the trade. A good place to dock and spend the night when you need a break from the sea will therefore never be a problem. What’s more, the marinas are strategically spread out across the nation’s most popular hotspots ensuring you don’t have to look too far for your next escapade. 5 Places You Should Visit In Croatia.

4) Security is assured and so too is affordability
Very few countries have the same exemplary security record that this nation has with its crime rate herald among the least in not only Europe but also the world at large. You can rest easy parking your vessel in bays and harbors and explore inland attractions without worrying about pickpockets and muggers. The other thing you’ll also not need to worry about is extravagant upkeep and accommodation costs, as such aspects are considerably cheaper compared to popular joints in Greece and Italy.

5) A continuous supply of high-octane celebrations and parties
Summertime is a great time to go sailing in Croatia. The Dalmatian coast provides a daily dose of fun this time of the year in the form of renowned native festivities and topnotch night clubs bring together recognized world talents. For those who scintillating night outs are a major priority, as should be the case for any worthwhile sailing vacation, you’ll find more than you bargained for in Croatia.

If you need any more motivation as to why Croatia is the ultimate sailing destination, it is worth pointing out that it is littered with USECO World Heritage sites, overflowing with exquisite native cuisine and Roman history, and has a predominantly English speaking population that is extremely friendly.